How to Host a Peaky Blinders Party

Peaky Blinders

A Peaky Blinders themed party is a great choice with the release of the new and already successful season 5 of Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinders entertainment from Burlesque to Magicians to create a dynamic for your guests and help them dive into their beloved atmosphere.

Creating a Peaky Blinders event means providing full adventure for a person. Usually starting earlier with drinks reception, burlesque girls bathing in giant martini glasses and glitzy performers decorating your venue. Guests choosing three-parts classic tweed outfit with a watch chain and inevitable cap or 20-s cocktail dress with a headpiece. This will be followed by dancing with vintage style entertainers, a live band and taking lots of interactive themed activities during the party. With shows, music, interactive entertainment for your themed event Peaky Blinders entertainment is a perfect choice for your night.

Performers for your event will also define a lot the success of your night. This is where we come in. Our expert knowledge of entertainment and event creations will enable your event to be forever memorable. The masculine power of Peaky Blinders style would be perfectly balanced by hi-end powerful feminine energy. Highly seductive but sophisticated Peaky Blinders burlesque entertainment is always an incredible choice when you want to please classy fans of the series. Our most specialised Peaky Blinders entertainer is a female entertainer and professional hi-end cabaret dancer, Agneta Linchevskaya. Her Peaky Blinders dance show-program perfectly follows keynotes of the series.

Vintage Themed Costume with a Giant Tommy Gun

Appearing as Tommy Shelby, an Equestrienne or a Cabaret star. Last but not the least she’s performs unique, charismatic, immersive, walkabout and interaction with a light touch of erotic provocation – for example, walking in a vintage themed costume with a giant Tommy gun – this definitely raises the mood of the Peaky crowd even before you start the show. Adored by both men and women, she is high energy and pays attention to each and every guest and is a master of connection with the audience. Agneta can be found performing for The Legitimate Peaky Blinders festival in Birmingham and of course us, GR Presents.