The Art of Throwing a Truly Fantastic Party

Gold Themed Event
We’ve all been to parties before. Small parties, big parties, terrible parties. Parties with too many aunties and parties with too many drunkards, some are great and some are terrible. But what is it that makes a party fantastic? 
First off you gotta figure out the purpose of your party. 
Are you throwing a party to get your business clients together and to further your business relations? Are you celebrating with the family, a special occasion with memorable pictures? Or is this a once in a lifetime ‘let your hair down affair’ with all evidence it even occurred before, during and after forever erased from iPhone memory?
Once you’ve outlined your purpose you then need to write your guest list. 
Ask yourself who am I inviting and why? Do I like this person? Are they part of my network? Are they FUN? You are throwing a party and you really want to invite the most fun people you know. Ten of them at least. If you don’t know any fun people invite friends who are married to fun people.
Alternatively or employ them. Call us and we’ll sort you out ten exceptionally fun and fabulous party animals to suit your occasion whether they are suited and booted or painted head to foot in silver. 
Now you have your guest list it’s important to decide on the activities the guests at your party will partake in.
Do you envision dancing and eating? Chatting and listening to music? Or are we having a limbo and conga type party? Either way give your activities some thought and brainstorm each. 
Food and drink is fairly simple. Cater for all your guests tastes and plan your times. A buffet means your guests will get on with other activities throughout the evening and a sit down meal enables you to take up a large portion of your event with an activity. 
Food keeps your guests happy. Though it is not essential. General rule of thumb is always supply your guests with food if you are inviting them during meal times. Between 3 and 6pm you don’t need to serve food and after 9pm. If you invite guests between 11am or 2:30pm or between 5pm and 8:30pm then you have to serve food; it’s the event law.
Once everyone has full stomachs or arrives with them it’s time for actual partying. What the party consists of is up to you. 
A party with a plugged in iPod ate parties of the past and most have ‘been there and done that’. Our most favourite thing is to blow minds. And it’s the entertainment which achieves mind blowing every time.
You’ll need music. Whether you have a band or a singer or a quartet or a DJ is up to you, the space you have and the budget you’re playing with. Background music leads to good convo but if good convo isn’t flowing then you’ll need great music to distract from awkward small talk and get people moving. 
Whether it’s electro swing, vintage rag time, samba or modern tunes these can all be played by DJ or band and we totally recommend having both.  A great selection of entertainment is the cherry on the ice cream, or cake, which ever you would prefer.
See our next blog for expert advice on how to chose your entertainment..