The Mind Boggling World of Choosing Entertainment

Choosing entertainment for your party is straight forward right? All you need to do is hire a band or hire a DJ and you’re away! Right? Hmmm maybe half way there…
Music is everything, almost and you will need a band or a DJ or both. That much is certain. We’re not talking trade fairs here or TEDx talks, were talking full blown party times whether that’s a birthday party, engagement party or your wedding.
The times they have a changed when it comes to entertainment. Gone are the days of dancing to a play list. You need visuals and at times interaction. 
Projection can add an extra dimension to your event, and can create visuals to play behind your DJ which adds to your vibe especially when they are in keeping with your party theme. 
But Projection isn’t interactive. Ideally you’ll hire a party DJ from us, of course, perhaps DJ Miles or DJ Rockit. Our DJ’s are inter-dimensional and have diverse costuming and huge energies. They dance, they spin, their creative, heck they’ll even pole dance if you give them a pole.
And this is what we’re angling towards if you hadn’t realised already. A party that takes your guests and turns them into the entertainment. A party that brings so much life through the door that instead of leaving tired and weary your party guests list leave (if they ever do) feeling energised and inspired.
Tailoring your entertainment to your party theme is our job. We create bespoke event entertainment, especially for you. Yes you did hear that right. We create bespoke events entertainment especially for you. Just in case you missed it the first time.
This means what ever you want and can think of is in reach. Fifty naked people sprayed silver serving the canapés? Easy! 
Gogo dancing Roman styles drag queens for hire? EASY. 
Gatsby dancers each with their own Martini glass to bathe in and tap dancing butlers to lift them inside? Oh gosh so easy we’re gagging to show you.
And if you have something off the cuff, say neon goldfish in REAL goldfish bowls who can SWIM underwater while holding their breath in latex bikinis and water proof doodles…. well we can do it and we’ll do it exceptionally well.
You’ll need to tailor your entertainment to your theme and your guests and once again that is our Job. We’re really hot on knowing what’s what and who’s hot and the right costume designers and set dressers and make up artists to suit each and every party you may have now in the future. We’re entertainment so you don’t have to be.