Why Does A Party Need Entertainment?

You’re having a party. That much you do know. You’ve read our previous blog and know how to write a guest list and outline who is coming to your party. 
You know what the purpose of your party is and why you are throwing it. No one is sure why one ‘throws’ a party rather than ‘has’ a party but that’s ok, something to discuss when everyone’s had too much Bollinger.
So between food or no food there is always a section of time where nothing happens. This is the single most important time to bring in the party entertainment.
So people have arrived, they’ve been given their welcome drink and they’ve said hello to everyone they know. Some people will still be playing catch up but usually a vast proportion of people will either feel weirdly awkward before the dancing starts and the lights dim. 
Their choices are limited. They join the loo queue which is usually jammed at this time, make new friends, sit awkwardly on their phone, pretend to dance to the chilled pre-party party vibes or look at the clock and tell themselves they’ll stay for just one more drink, just to show willing and will then run for the hills.
So there are two conundrums at any party that need tackling; 
* How do you stop guests leaving your party early?
* And how do you make sure everyone is happy, comfortable and catered for?

Luckily the same solution works for both party conundrums. Once you’ve solved number two you’ve tackled number one. Make sure everyone is catered for and they will stay till the end. 
But how do we make sure guests are happy enough to stay for the duration. Apart from the obvious drinks and nibbles flowing you need visual and audio stimulation; basically you need entertainment.