A Night of STUDIO 54

Studio 54 Entertainment

A Night of STUDIO 54

Studio 54 at it’s BEST! We had the enormous pleasure to produce a Night of Studio 54 for disco’s finest Niles Rodgers. In other words we created the greatest modern recreation of the best party in history! This was a one night special event at the Southbank Meltdown festival and recreated the iconic Studio 54. Outrageous and Era-defining and Legendary. It was the party at the mecca of disco culture in the notorious 1970s. The New York nightclub Studio 54 recreated by Gersch & Rox Presents featuring disco dancing roller-skaters and aerial swinging performers. From trapeze artists and amazing burlesque Moon rocking acts.

As well as Nile Rodgers on the decks was the original resident DJs Nicky Siano and John “Jellybean” Benitez. You could even spot the notorious sculpture of the man in the moon sniffing cocaine from a spoon. But don’t take our word as you can read the 5 star review from the Guardian here: Nile Rodgers and Chic review – disco springs eternal

"sculpture of the man in the moon sniffing cocaine from a spoon"

Fancy reliving the Studio 54 experience and would like a personalised event for your next birthday, celebration or members club? Then get in touch with us today. We at Gersch & Rox presents know how to put on the perfect disco and above all if it’s good enough for Nile Rodgers? We are capable of producing full scale Studio 54 themed disco events and provide disco entertainment for private parties. From roller skaters and Go-Go dancing disco Drag Queens. Glitter covered mime artists and onstage Studio 54 inspired performances.

In conclusion, back in the 70’s this was the party of all parties and nowadays Gersch & Rox are the go to party creators. It’s the perfect match that keeps the disco dancing experience alive. We’ll see you under the disco ball with our glittery dance shoes on!