We Hit The Nail on The Coffin at Halloween

‘We’ve got Halloween nailed here at Gersch and Rox Presents.

One half of our team is a Halloween enthusiast relishing the ghouls and the ghosts and the severed limbs associated with the creepiest celebratory occasion of the calendar and the other well… she’d rather change the theme this year.

This diverse love/hate Halloween team have therefore created many different Halloween entertainment packages starting at the sweet and innocent end of Halloween with performing witches and apple bobbing, spooky DJs and eerie dancers and the other end of the spectrum with hardcore side show performers who seek to disembowel others and well..I really can’t go on.

Our Halloween party at Private Members Club The Curtain in Shoreditch last year was a ball, albeit a pretty freaky one.

This year we are also creating a high end and bespoke experience at Private Members Club The Arts Club Mayfair where we have been lucky enough to produce events and shows for before both in the Arts Club and at Leo’s, their divine downstairs speak easy which regularly houses their bespoke music programme and occasional cabarets.

The Arts Club in Mayfair is to have a tailored and bespoke, crisp and en pointe menu of performers to include the Adams Family, spider webbed dancers, gorgeous witches, The Bride of Frankenstein (on stilts of course), mind readers, mentalists, tarot card readers, side show performers, singers, DJ and of course female vampires bathing in blood.

We of course work with the finest performers and entertainers London and the U.K. has to offer many who have been through both drama and circus school and who make their own costumes and make up design. It is our job at Gersch and Rox to create the brief and to choreo and deliver to event planners and venues and we enjoy doing it so very much.

For information and options on our Halloween performers and Halloween entertainers shoot us an email at events@grpresents.co.uk and we’ll send you a fabulous potential brief in return!

Speak soon

Saph and Gersch