Soho House Berlin New Years Eve 2019

Soho House Berlin ended the decade with us as we graduated the teen years and into 2020. The theme was high school Prom across the 80s and 90s decades. We transformed Soho House Berlin into an American high school Prom paradise.  Across three floors cheesy high school fun played out around the Soho House members club treating guests to the ultimate New Years Eve party.


Soho House Berlin was filled with roaming performers entertaining guests and getting them in the party mood. As soon as they entered guests were greeted by our charming and funny Drag Prom King and Queen. The House was alive with performers like contortionist dancing cheerleaders to aerobics PE dance teachers. Every corner of the house was transformed into a school like setting even the hallway which was turned into a classroom. Principle Nipple was our naughty teacher spanking guests in the classroom.

The 8th floor of Soho House Berlin was turned into a classic moody 90s teenagers bedroom with playable playstation one and SNES games consoles. In the middle of the club dance floor a podium was the centre focal point for our beatboxing maths teacher performance by Beat Fox. At midnight Berlin lights up the sky with fireworks on every corner. The house has the most amazing near 360 view of the city that everyone flocked to the roof to see Berlin’s amazing firework displays. It truly was an epic night to remember.