Summer at Goodwood Estate 2018

Goodwood Estate opened its doors to an invited private audience for a special day event in the Summer of 2018 and invited GR Presents to teleport their guests to a time when Gods and Goddess roamed Ancient Egypt.

We provided our very best Luxury Bespoke Entertainment for Goodwood Estate to create a full on immersive experience across the Kennels of the Goodwood Estate for this very special event. As guests arrived to the grounds they were greeted by our charming English Butler and our strange cosmic out of this world Butler that let guests know straight away they were in for an exciting out of this world event.

Moving through tropical plants and into a pure white draped feather factory with delicate en-pointe Ballet dancers shifting through tonnes of large feathers. Our Ballet dancers handed guests feathers before our Giant Anubis dog headed creature guided guests into the beating heart.

This was an adventure that puzzled and enchanted our audiences, but for those up on their Egyptian mythology, they knew there were in the sacred Weighing of the Heart Ceremony with God Thoth, human headed bird Ani Ba and Feather Fan Burlesque Dancing Maat. The guests must have their feathers weighed to enter the otherside, and the otherside was worth getting in as it was filled with complimentary Patron, more magnificent performers and a DJ set by Rudimental.

Once guests were through to the other side a world of magical Entertainment greeted them from Unicorn Performers to Roller Skating Disco Divas, Male Ballet Dancers and DJ’s galore. Spread across the The Kennels were Thrones, Golden Horses, Pillars and Geometric Decor.

We produced a spectacular show when the clock striked 10 pm guests on looked the pogado to see the uniting of the Gods this featured Hand to Hand Acrobats, LED Hula Hooping Circus Performers and the Spectacular Vicky Butterfly Acrobatic Burlesque Moon Performance which ignited our Fire Performer as a finale.

Our troupe of performers led guests into the spaceship club for a special DJ set by Rudimental and our sparkly gold GoGo Dancers with Isis Wings lit up the dance floor as guests danced late into the night to the tunes of Rudimental, another truly epic and memorable Event filled with Luxury Entertainment created by GR Presents.