The Arts Club, Mayfair Halloween 2018

Hire Addams Family Halloween

On All Hallow’s Eve 2018 we were invited by The Arts Club on Dover Street in Mayfair to produce their first all out Spooktacular transforming the building into a Haunted Mansion of surprises around every corner.

Exclusively for The Arts Club Members we treated their guests to a terrifyingly good event from top to bottom filled with the spookiest of spooky. On arrival as guests pulled up in their Bentleys and Rolls Royce cars they were greeted by our stilt walking Frankenstein Bride and towering tall Lurch.

We transformed the Arts Club into The Addams Family Haunted Home with our roaming Adams Family performers, we had the whole Family from Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday to Uncle Fester interacting with guests and welcoming them to party under the full moon of the night.

This truly was a Halloween extravaganza that kept guests on their toes throughout the night. Transforming the classic Arts Club lounge areas to bloodstained bathrooms with our bathing Vampires. Creepy old Granny on her rocking chair inviting guests to sit on their lap as she whispered trick or treat into their ears before feeding them sweets. This was an evening not for the faint hearted.

From snake performers with sizzling Pythons to our deranged sideshow performer drilling and smashing deadly tools into places they should not go. The dance floor was a blaze, members did not recognise their boardroom as it was transformed into the Mansion filled with Dancing Burlesque Witches and Webbed Dancers.

Venturing into the Arts Club’s wonderful Bar and Dining room, we had our roaming Magicians entertain dining guests and our Spooky Fortune Tarot Card Reading Teller sit amongst guests to see what their fate had in-store for them. Across the club areas were transformed into spooky Libraries, a Shop of Curiosity and a Teddy Bear filled seating Arch.

The party continued late into the night past midnight and so did out entertainment. We had a spectacular performance from our bending candle lit contortionist that left members jaw dropped.  All in all a fantastic Halloween event.

“We were delighted by the breadth and quality of talent that GR Presents delivered to The Arts Club’s Halloween party this year, as well as Gersch and Saph’s attentive implementation of their performers” – Susanna Warren, Director of Music and Member Events The Arts Club.