Soho House White City New Years Eve 2018

Hire Mermaids for Event

HMS White City New Years Eve with Kurupt FM

We set sail with Soho House and cruised into 2019. On board HMS White City House for the ultimate New Years Eve event in London.

A voyage extraordinaire. We transformed the House into an immersive nautical paradise. Across three floors with entertainment and decor that played out its own mini world on the high seas. Soho House members did not recognise their members club when they stepped onboard our wonderful Pirate and Mermaid filled creation.

Above Deck on the iconic rooftop of White City House we transformed the space into a Tropical Island paradise filled with swimming Mermaids. Tropical Showgirls and Voguing Sailors. Taking centre stage was our purpose built Pole Dancing Island. Isolated in the middle of White City House’s swimming pool. Which played host to performers walking the plank across to perform throughout the night.

Below deck, a debaucherous den of pirate activity prevailed with roaming Pirates interacting with guests. Pirate King and Queen dance routines and Pirate sidekick sideshow performances. As well as a caged Mermaid swimming in a giant bowl.

The space was the place to revel, dance and celebrate New Years. As adventurously as possible leading to a very special headline performance by West London’s finest pirate radio station Kurupt FM and Mayor of Hounslow agent Chabuddy G.

White City House was filled to the rafters with the finest banquet of food from Oysters to Shrimp, Lobster to Sushi. Venturing onto the 9th Floor we greeted you with our Voguing Sailors and Burlesque Beauties welcoming you on board the Cruise Floor, live bands played throughout the night and Cabaret singer and Voice star Ivy Paige took helm of the cabaret stage and entertained guests.

At midnight the Top Deck lit up as our fire performer took to the Island surrounded by swimming Mermaids and the explosions of Fireworks from White City House, it was truly a night to remember and an epic start to 2019.

“it’s been a true pleasure to work with you”

“We can’t thank you enough! We’ve had fantastic feedback all round about the production, the performers and the general running of the entire night. Everything was super smooth from the get go it’s been a true pleasure to work with you and your team! A big thank you to all your team and performers for such brilliant work on all floors, it was great to see all the different fun entertainment we had throughout the house.” White City House Events Programming Manager