Looking for Burlesque Entertainment for a New Years Eve celebration, a birthday or private event? 

Our Creative Director Saph Rox started her career as the country’s first burlesque agent, learning all there was to know about the UK burlesque scene becoming a font of burlesque knowledge. During her extensive career she has mentored a considerable number of burlesquers and produced more than 200 unique burlesque productions. Whether you are looking for London based burlesque performers, or burlesquers based in Glasgow, they are on our radar due to her vast experience.

From highly skilled Feather Fan Dancers, to Great Gatsby burlesque or edgy political routines – we provide burlesque entertainment of all kinds, for all occasions. 

Elegant and dripping with expensive, hand tailored costuming our opulent burlesque creations express fine art performances of the highest standard. 

With world-class award-winning Burlesque artists swinging on Swarovski covered sparking moons, to en-pointe fire breathing ballet dancers, feathered showgirls and glitzy dancers, we create opulent first-class entertainment fit for royalty.

With an extensive selection of burlesque performers we are able to source any type of entertainment you need for your event; from human tables to Burlesque Cadbury queens. 

With the Gersch & Rox Burlesque Hire option, vaudeville, cabaret and vintage work creatively to provide original and unique performers at fabulous prices to events, casting directors, party planners and producers all over the country.

A selection of the performers we have at our finger tips can be seen on the website pages; however we have huge following and performers of every discipline, from all over the country.

To find out about the performers we can supply please fill out a contact form and we will match you with your prefect entertainers. 

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