Apple Tart as Charlie Chaplin

Alternative artist Apple Tart embodies silent movie Hollywood classic Charlie Chaplin as a character performer available to book for your event. Hire Charlie Chaplin actor for parties to add that dash of hilarity to your occasion. Charlie Chaplin can be booked for an immersive walk around character as well as onstage performance. Apple Tart combines her performance skills of whit, clowning and miming to recreate Charlie Chaplin as well as sleek latex costuming. Booking Charlie Chaplin is a great choice to entertain your guests be it a wedding, bar mitzvah party, corporate event or birthday celebration.

Please note we do not represent Apple Tart as agents, we as event producers cast and create productions including Apple as a favourite performer to work with. if you would like to book Charlie Chaplin Apple Tart for your upcoming event, please contact us by filling out the form below or email

Charlie Chaplin

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