We provide the very best luxury entertainers & performers for all types of corporate entertainment events and parties, private celebrations, marketing stunts and international events. It’s our creativity & personal one to one approach which makes us the most sought-after entertainment producers in London, the UK & internationally.

A selection of the performers we have at our finger tips can be seen on the website pages; however we have huge following and performers of every discipline and from every nook and cranny in the country. To find out what performers we can supply to you please fill out a contact form and we will let you know which performers fit you best.


When it comes to music we focus on originality, talent and cool. Staying away from cheesy entertainment we have an ear for whats hot. We represent a wide variety across genres from solo artists, live music bands, beatboxers, hip hop performers, orchestra and instrument bands.


Gersch & Rox Presents represent the cream of the burlesque, vaudeville and cabaret scene. From skilled and stunning fan dancers, choreographed burlesque dance troupes to political edgy strips furthermore vintage themed and high energy burlesque.


Stilt walkers, knife throwers, sword swallowers, jugglers, contortionists, escape artist, magicians, illusionists, fire breathers, hula hoopers, mine artists, contact ball, staff, contortionists and more. Proudly working with the worlds most talented circus performers. Acts including Cirque Du Soleil artists, Las Vegas illusionists and West End street performers.


We love music, there’s not a day goes by without music in our lives and we know how important good music is at party! Luckily we know just the DJs who know how to take the party to the next level.

Drag Queens

The London scene is vibrant with UK’s most popular Drag Queen performers. Therefore at Gersch & Rox Presents we have handpicked the best in Drag artistry perfect to make your upcoming event sparkle and shine. From lip-syncing queens to hilarious dinner party hosts we work personally with the most talented and creative Drag Queen performers.

Drag Kings

At Gersch & Rox we aim to represent performers from all backgrounds and all over the gender spectrum therefore we have the UKs leading Drag Kings amongst our extensive repertoire of performers. Drag Kings are female performance artists personifying as male gender stereotypes. This can also include trans-men kings, nonbinary kings and even cisgender men who perform as drag kings.

Drag Kings make for the perfect hosts, lip-sync performers, cabaret performers as well as professional dancers. So if your looking for the perfect dash of vibrancy to add to a music video or something unique and different for your event, then take a look at our Drag Kings.


Let us put a Spell on your next event with our featured Magicians from mind reading to sleight of hand, we present professional skilled close-up magicians who have honed their skills and bedazzle their audiences.


Boylesque performers are transforming the burlesque genre and act of strip-teasing into a new exciting genre of entertainment. Wearing flamboyant outfits consisting of glitter, thongs, nipple tassels and themed costumes. Boylesque is unique and creates the ability to make audiences laugh. Gersch and Rox represents the best from the Boylesque scene in the UK storming stages with creative acts that entertain and tease.