How to Throw a 1960s Themed Party

Where to start when throwing a 1960s party? The 60s is the era that changed the century. Lifting us out from the traditions of the post war 50s it took us into a colourful rock and roll trip of psychedelic hippies, sunny afternoons and the birth of the British mods. 

With love a good twist and shout when it comes to creating a 60s party and it’s a theme that always proves a popular theme. So here’s our advice about throwing the ultimate Swinging 60s Party: 

The music defined this decade – from the US we had the good vibrations of the Beach Boys, the fun tunes from The Monkees, the rock and roll sounds of The Doors and the iconic The Times They Are A-Changin’ by the legend Bob Dylan. 

The UK that birthed the Beatles, the world’s biggest band to date, followed by the Rolling Stones and The Kinks, that’s your playlist sorted or you could hire a 1960s themed band from us.. or the grooviest 1960s DJs. 

A party is always about dressing and living out your wildest fantasies. A 60s theme allows you and your guests to get out your hippie clothes from the wardrobe or throwing on the mod suit. To look like the perfect Hippie, think San Fran Haight Ashbury, wild vibrant colours, flower power headbands and big retro sunglasses. 

If you are more of a rock and roll god, or brit mod than Hippie, its shirts and black ties, big green trench coats with pin badges of your favourite bands and great British moped helmets to complete the look. Or there is always the go to Austin Powers Yeah Baby look, unless you want to leave that to the experts and add groovy dancing Austin Powers walkabout performers to the party, we can take care of that.

Hire 1960s Event Entertainment, 1960s Party
1960s Decoration

When it comes to venue decorations (and your going down the Hippy party route) its flower power to the max! As well as wall to wall psychedelic colours. You will want huge inflatable flowers, peace sign photo opportunities, tie-dye wallpaper, big mushroom bean bags for guests to sit on and trippy looking visuals projected onto the ceilings. Bubble machines and love beads scattering the venue. If your thinking big hire a flower power VW van that could also double up as your DJ booth. 

Choosing to throw a mod themed party? Then start with a row of Mopeds outside your venue for guests to get that perfect photo for social media. Inside big ‘colour block’ dance floor and British bunting, good old bunting! Make the walls pop with pop art and pictures of rock and roll legends like the Rolling Stones. Giant red, white and blue ring table clothes. Mods are all about the cool factor, maybe a dress up box filled with vintage clothes to add to your guests costumes. When it comes to event decor we have it covered with a decor specialist on the team, we can visit your chosen venue and present full scale decor ideas to you the same day. 

Hire 1960s Event Entertainment, 1960s Party

1960s Performers

Now for our expertise, a party is not a party unless it has entertainment. Luckily for you, you are in the right place and moments away from creating your dream ’60s party a reality with our help. 

We have the best themed podium ’60s GoGo dancers, ’60s burlesque performers, ’60s interactive walkabout hippies and twisters and shakers to get your party started. We’ve got ’60s music legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin lookalikes, Austin Powers lookalikes and funky fashionistas. 

We’ve got super slick and cool dancing Mods driving mopeds and vintage  girls dressing your guests. !960s is the funkiest of themes and our imaginations can run wild with yours, so what you waiting for, get in touch with us today to start planning your event. Peace and Love. 

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