Psychedelic Themed Events


Woah, cowabunga dude! Take a psychedelic acid fuelled trip with us, feel like a Haight Ashbury hippy and delve deep into the mind! This fun colourful theme is filled with oversized mushrooms and magic beanstalks, immersive psychedelic characters such as Psychedelic Doctors Timothy Leary and Ram Dass deep in conversation about the consciences, vibrant flower power art hangs from the walls. John Lennon and Yoko Ono actors hosting in the round jam sessions whilst Yoga Teachers and Beatbox Sound Healers send you into a zen like mode. 

There is no limit to the performers we work with. We can tailor bespoke shows to create entertainment that is unique to your event. Mixing talents such as burlesque dancers, circus performers, acrobats, aerial performers, drag artists, stilt walkers and fire performers to dancers, actors, comics and hosts. We work with your vision to cast and create bespoke experiences that are perfect for all types of occasions be it, New Years Eve parties, corporate events, charity fundraisers, black tie balls, festivals, themed private parties, weddings, birthdays and special occasions.

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