Gersch & Rox Presents Highlights

Gersch & Rox are both truly experienced professional entertainment specialists.
With a background working within TV, Film and On Stage as a result the pair have a flair of expertise when it comes to live entertainment.
Furthermore sharing a passion for the creative arts and performance. Here at Gersch & Rox presents we love to share what’s hot and the epic events we produce. Take a further more personal look into Gersch & Rox Presents from exclusive interviews with the pair and reviews of their latest productions. Highlights on what’s coming up and features on exclusive events.

Our Favourite Luxury Venues

So you are looking for an exciting venue to host your next event, well let Gersch & Rox recommend our favourites. We work closely with the most fabulous luxurious venues London has to offer. Discovering hidden gems to partying in sought after venues. Above all we love providing entertainment and hosting events across a variety of amazing places.

Gersch & Rox Interviews

Gersch & Rox love a good chit chat and we love the talented performers we get to work with. From wonderful Burlesque artists and skilful circus performers. Fire breathing daredevils and ballet dancing fairies. But who are the talented people when they are off the stage? Here we present insightful interviews with acts from around the globe.