Interview With Coco Deville

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Interview With Coco Deville

Hello there dear reader, I am Coco Deville and I am a cabaret practitioner. Meaning I’m in control of every sliver of my stage shows, from the devising process, costume and choreography. This means my stage shows are deeply theatrical and highly conceptual. Welcome to my world I’ve created for you.

My skills as a performer is to give my crowds a glorious escape from the humdrum of normality.

Since I have a diverse repertoire and stage persona my life as a performer is pretty full on. I’ve worked various art house events, online advertising campaigns, festivals, music videos, documentaries as well as featuring heavily in the cabaret circuit. I love the fact I can make a living from my passion and my stage shows positively resonate with people on a level they may not have been expecting.

I don’t have a favourite venue full stop since it’s the audience that holds the power and that’s always a constant variable. Which means regardless where you perform, how often you perform there you still have to prepare to keep your show fresh and alive.

I love performing at boomtown festival. I’ve performed there as part of cabaret line ups, along side live bands / DJs as well as being a feature character actor as part of the whole immersive aspect of the festival . The sheer level of attention to detail on that scale is phenomenal and it’s an honour to be part of the collective.

I think it was from a recommendation from another performer since my style of work and Gersh and Rox’s approach towards events were a total match and all evolved from there.

I think my highlight is just the backstage camaraderie  in general, from pep talks between newbie and established acts, lending /help with costumes simply general feel good attitudes which of course translates into the stage shows.

What sets Gersch and Rox apart from other entertainment producers is their fearless energy injected into their productions. From the diverse line ups with acts from across the cabaret genre to the themes and concepts of the events themselves. Always innovative.

For Gersch and Rox to own their own venue.

The Gersch and Rox team work so well together since we all have respect towards our art and uphold high standards of professionalism so that energy is effervescent when placed altogether.

It’s important within the industry to work with trusted producers in order to keep the circuit alive and thriving since we’re all have to work together financially and artistically.

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