The quality of a party is defined by its music and we here at Gersch & Rox Presents pay close attention to booking the best live music acts for events on the planet. When booking musicians, music artists and DJs for your event it’s crucial to know the quality and repertoire of the musical artist as well as consider who your audience is and what music they would enjoy. Getting these key factors wrong can make or break an experience. Please note we do not represents these artists as agents, we as event producers cast and create productions. Here is a taster of some of our favourite musicians, live bands, DJs, beat boxers and musical talents we work with:

That’s why working with us and booking the musical talents we work closely with is key to your events success. We know the hottest and most talented musical acts on the scene from incredible live bands perfect for corporate events, live music ensembles, roaming live music bands, singers and vocalists, acoustic performers, beatboxers, classical musicians and world class DJs perfect for a wedding or celebration.  

Beyond understanding great quality in music and musical performers we have the expertise to fulfill your event desires from themes and tailoring musicians to your event ambitions. For example if you are planning a luxury tropical garden summer party we will match the right lively energetic bands, musicians and DJs with tropical garden playlists and styles to your event. 

Unlike big corporate entertainment agencies we pay close attention to your event needs and take care in presenting to you the right music acts from our passionate expertise knowledge of musical talents. 

We’ve got a vast range of talents for all kinds of events, so if you need a themed 1920s style musical act, Rat Pack performers, roaming musicians, Jazz style singers, funky doo wop groups, rock and roll bands, drummers, flutists, saxophonists, pianists and guitarists we can present to you the best of the best. 

If you want your event to focus on you and your guests favourite particular genre of music we’ve got the musical artists to match. From banging house DJs to rock and roll bands, Hip Hop beatboxers and rappers, soulful R&B singers, pop disco bands to electro swing bands. 

Going that extra further in entertainment we have music acts with added flair in performances to amaze at your next event which include flaming saxophonists, LED violinists, LED water drummers, harp players, acrobatic DJs, roaming brass bands, carnival style samba bands, alternative and unusual musicians from saw playing, gong sounds to opera singers.  

We can also create unique musical experiences for any occasions from interesting staging, set designs to accompany musicians, virtual reality music experiences, to karaoke nights and festivals like experiences incorporating the best in musical innovations. 

Our expertise and knowledge in pairing you with the best music acts, live bands and DJs is the key ingredient to the success of your next event and the impression you make on your guests. The musical talent we present to you is perfect for your next occasion be it a wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah, corporate event, luxury private parties, family events celebrations to festivals and large scale events.