Desmond O'Connor Flaming Saxophonists

Demonising, hypnotising, mesmerising; Desmond O’Connor is an internationally renowned and award winning composer, lyricist and performer with over twenty years’ experience in cabaret, comedy and musical theatre. His bittersweet lyrics and insanely catchy melodies never fail to shock, charm and entertain.

Desmond’s Flaming Saxophonist is unique as he is the only artist performing this in the UK and Europe. Desmond O’Connor is a musical master and his flaming sax adds incredible variety to his genius range of musical talents. 

Choose from a range of pre-selected playlists and solo musical numbers or work directly with Des for a bespoke musical selection. The flaming sax is an incredible choice to mesmerise your guests be it a wedding, bar mitzvah party, corporate event or birthday celebration. 

Please note we do not represent Desmond O’Connor as agents, we as event producers cast and create productions including Desmond as a favourite flaming saxophonist to work with. if you would like to book flaming saxophonist Desmond for your upcoming event, please contact us by filling out the form below or email

Flaming Saxophonist

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