Athena Beauvoir

Athena Beauvoir is a showgirl and iconic Bond Girl.

In love with the swinging sixties this Burlesque Blonde Bombshell leaves all her audiences bedazzled. She’s a real showgirl at heart and professionally trained burlesque dancer as a result she is in demand across the London burlesque circuit and GR Presents favourite.

Interview with Athena Beauvoir

1. Firstly, welcome and for the reader please introduce who you are, what you do in the industry i.e. what type of performer you are?
My name is Athena Beauvoir. I am London burlesque artist, striptease sixties siren and premier showgirl.

2. What are your skills as a performer?
 I am trained dancer, actress, showgirl and singer. My strengths lie within my striptease choreography and feather fan dancing (typical of the Vegas Showgirls)

3. Tell us about your life as a performer? What have you worked on and what do you love?
I adore the life as a performer – I endeavour to always transport the audience to a new time/era if that be – the seductive 1960s Bond films, the flamboyant Moulin Rouge or the even a psychedelic space!

4. What’s your favourite venue in London to perform at and why?
My favourite venue is Cafe de Paris – it has that luxurious Parisian ambiance that I adore. The Royal Alert Hall is a fabulous venue because of the decor and sheer size of the stage! Also Proud Cabaret is great because the audience members dress up for the occasion and are always extremely fun.

5. What’s your favourite festival to perform at and why?  
Glastonbury! It was such an honour to be able to perform there and the reason it was so amazing was the fact that you are surrounded by so many incredible and talented artists.

6. How did you get involved with Gersch and Rox Presents?
Saph was one of the first producers to book me when I was new on the scene about 5 years ago – and I have stayed with her ever since! Meeting Gersch was amazing, and together they are the right level of fabulousness and bonkers and is exactly what the UK party scene need! 

7. What is it that sets Gersch and Rox apart from other event companies and entertainment producers?
The agency is unique because Gersch and Rox are approached my such an array of companies and events which means that as performers we perform at a great variety of venues all over the UK. Not only that – but they always know exactly what the client wants and how to deliver a unique experience for the guests and hosts. The performers I work along side are always professional, reliable but more importantly .. they are all kind fabulous individuals.

8. What’s your dream for Gersch and Rox Presents and where do you see the company in five year’s time?
I can see the agency really being the leading force with London entertainment, Saph and Gersch are both magicians when it come to events and I can see them really taking over the scene. 

9. Why do you think the Gersch and Rox team work so well together?
Both individuals always push the boundaries with their ideas and are always extremely innovative with their creativity. As a duo, they bounce of each other and together always create an explosion of bonkers/INCREDIBLE events. 

10. Why is it important within the industry to work with trusted experienced producers?
From a performers perspective, it is important to know that you are always being looked after, and as a client – Gersch and Rox have years and years and knowledge and connections in order to bring you exactly what you need.

11. and lastly… Would You Rather
A) marry Gersch and make Saph your Mum? Or B) marry Saph and make Gersch your dad?
Hmmmmm C) Marry Saph and snog Gersch 😉 

Photography By
Adam Robertson
Lee Barrett Photography
Phoebe Montague Photography
Late Night Humans

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