Bloody Bones

Bloody Bones is a sideshow freak show performer who bedazzles his audiences. Not for the faint hearted Bloody talents include sword swallowing to escapology. For the last six years Bloody has performed at many Burlesque, Music Events, Corporate, Tattoo Conventions, Greatest Showman and Halloween events all over Europe.

Bloody’s performing talents include Blockhead with Nail and Drill, Straitjacket and Chain Escape, Eyeball Floss and Hypnosis.

Bloody’s sword swallowing includes first swallowing a balloon, then popping it in his throat. He goes onto swallowing a sword, swallow a sword with no handle, then swallow two swords and to finish swallow one sword bend over too the audience twist and let one of them pull the sword from his throat.

Bloody’s sideshow cocktail: is a variation on the blockhead using a nail then drill into his nose, spin a cocktail umbrella in his nose, using fish hooks he hangs a cocktail shaker from his eyelids and then inserts a tube into his nose through his mouth which makes it possible to squirt a drink from my mouth back into the glass through his nose.


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