Interview with Cleopantha

1. Firstly, welcome and for the reader please introduce who you are, what you do in the industry i.e. what type of performer you are?
(All in mancunian accent) Hiiii! I’m Cleopantha. I’m a burlesque artist, professional dancer and aggressive twerker who likes to push the boundaries.

2. What are your skills as a performer?
I’m a professionally trained dancer, walkabout artist and dance teacher. I’m renown in the industry for fusing hip hop and burlesque. I’m also currently undergoing circus and fire training to broaden my skills – It’s important to keep pushing yourself as an artist!

3. Tell us about your life as a performer? What have you worked on and what do you love?
Performing on stage is my happy place. I’ve had the pleasure of working with such music artists as Fatman Scoop, Plan B, Ms Dynamite, B2K during my career. As well as working at events where the likes of Rudimental and Major Lazer have been spinning the decks. There is honestly nothing that makes me more happy than being on stage and expressing myself.. and most importantly giving the audience a performance they won’t forget!!

4. What’s your favourite venue in London to perform at and why?
There are so many!! But one that I hold close to my heart is The Curtain Members Club. It’s the first resident venue where I feel I truly blossomed as an artist, surrounded by some amazing performers and supported by an incredibly welcoming and open minded audience.

5. What’s your favourite festival to perform at and why?  
I had the absolute privilege of performing at Boomtown 2018 with The Red Rash inn! It was an out of this world experience!!! I’ve been booked for a huge festival this year.. but can’t spill the beans just yet 😉 Watch this space!!!

6. How did you get involved with Gersch and Rox Presents?
I feel like I’ve known these wonderful creatures forever. I was firstly hired as a troop dancer with Gogo Rox and the rest is history!

7. What is your best highlight from your experiences working with Gersch and Rox Presents?

8. What is it that sets Gersch and Rox apart from other event companies and entertainment producers?
These guys KNOW how to party.. and also run some of the best parties in town of course 😉

9. What’s your dream for Gersch and Rox Presents and where do you see the company in five year’s time?
World Domination!!!

10. Why do you think the Gersch and Rox team work so well together?
They bounce off each other and communicate well. They also come up with some of the most bonkers and fun event ideas which make them both truly special events producers.

11. Why is it important within the industry to work with trusted experienced producers?
It’s always important to feel safe and that you’re being looked after on any job. Gersch and Rox go above and beyond for both their clients and performers.

12. and lastly… Would You Rather
A) marry Gersch and make Saph your Mum? Or B) marry Saph and make Gersch your dad?

Photography By Vsanchorstudio