Stellina Serpentine

Stellina Serpentine is the world’s premiere stilt walking snake charmer, having graced the performance scene for over a decade, with her beautiful 10ft python Demonica. Several snakey, stage acts and snake dances are also available. 
The only person ever to have been granted a license to perform with a snake at Glastonbury Festival, when they recreated the Titty Twister Bar, from the iconic movie “Dusk till Dawn”, due to her impeccable knowledge, of herpetology and snake welfare Stellina was the snake performer who broke through.

Stellina is considered a snake dancers and snake performer mentor and advises other snake performers on humane performance and transportation methods. Stellina is a stilt walker and stilt performer when she doesn’t have her snake side kick, she can also dance in several styles, to a high level on her stilts and can get any dance floor jumping!

Stellina is also an accomplished fire and freakshow performer, specializing in fakir style performances, focused on vapor tricks, fire breathing and shotguns, fire swords including her full body shotgun.

Stellina is a fire performing extravaganza and her fire dancing and fire performance is highly recommend.

When required Stellina’s Fire Shotgun can be hired for private events but buyer beware, it includes total nudity! Too many skills to fit in one bio, her tiny frame can support over twice her own weight, while lying on a bed of nails she has performed fire swords a top a demolition derby car and her piercing shows have literally rendered audience members unconscious.

Stellina is also an armourer and qualified welder, who uses Bronze and Iron age techniques to build her own armour and corsets to perform her sensational live performance angle grinding.

Which is handy because, as a weapons trained performer, she can make her own fire swords, dragon canes and bespoke angle grinding armour, to beat match with her 1000rpm angle grinder from a variety of body plates. She creates visionary fire safe costume, her knowledge and skills in pyro props have lead her to be hired to make specialist pieces for West End productions.

A huge variety of costume is also available, to suit any theme, from warrior to showgirl. She is also re-launching her extreme entertainment troupe, this year after having completed an MA in performance design. So if you want to see double or quadruple or more, with a client list including Alice Copper and the Royal Family, Stellina Serpentine is your woman!

In conclusion Stellina can be booked for Fire Acts, Fire Dancing, Snake Charming, Snake Dancing, Angle Grinding, Bed of Nails, Piercing Acts, Sideshow Performance, Fire Swords, Pyro Props, Performance Design, Stilt Walking

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