Acrobatic Burlesque

Representing the finest and most skilled Acrobatic Burlesque dancers in the country and beyond we understand what makes for a sensational Acrobatic burlesque dancer. Acrobatic Burlesquers perform acrobatics through their dances to include back flips, ninja styles, cartwheels, the splits and more.

Our acrobatic burlesque dancers are highly skilled trained dancers which have moved into the sensational and beautiful art of burlesque. Acrobatic burlesque dancers have hand made burlesque costumes and individually created burlesque dances that fit with any event.

We are burlesque experts and have run the countries first and longest standing burlesque agency. We know what makes the perfect burlesque act and what burlesque dance will fit your event or party best. Our Acrobatic burlesque dancers can be booked as individuals or we can create fully choreographed acrobatic burlesque routines for your event.

We at Gersch and Rox presents represent the finest in Acrobatic burlesque dancers for hire and have provided acrobatic burlesque dancers for Film and TV, corporate events, birthday parties, days out, museums and art galleries, day festivals, fundraising events, circus shows and much more.

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