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Apocalypse Entertainment Now! The world is no more. Welcome to the baron wasteland. Would you like to experience a Mad Max style party. Over turn the system. Filled with walkabout entertainment. Fire breathers and acrobats. A theme perfect for big events, special occasions. Halloween and birthdays. Thinking about Climate Change? We’ve got edgy political acts that can make an amazing lasting impression. Want to make the ultimate disaster movie themed event? War of the Worlds or Independence Day we can make it happen! After all we could be around the corner of the end of the world so let’s party like it. Apocalypse themed parties work well as Halloween events. check out our Halloween Event Page.

The performers we have available to book can tailor bespoke shows to create entertainment that is unique to your event. Create entertainment that is unique to your event. Mixing talents to create the Apocalypse entertainment. Such as burlesque dancers, circus performers and acrobats. To aerial performers, drag artists, stilt walkers and fire performers. As well as dancers, actors, comics and hosts. We work with your vision to cast. As well as create bespoke experiences that are perfect for all types of occasions. From New Years Eve parties and corporate events. To charity fundraisers and black tie balls. Festivals, themed private parties and weddings. To birthdays and special occasions. Get in touch with us today to make your apocalypse entertainment come alive!

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