Freak Show

Freak Show performers have grown in popularity since The Greatest Showman has been in the spot light. Skilled performers with skills such as razor blade swallowing, block head (where a nail is banged into the face by either a hammer or even a drill), body stapling where items such as playing cards are stapled on to the Freak show or Side Show performers body, bed of nails where the side show performer lies on a bed of nails and of course fire eaters, body burners and more all come under the Freak show Umbrella.

We at Gersch and Rox presents represent the finest in Freak Show performers and Entertainment and have provided Sude Show and circus performers for Film and TV, corporate events, birthday parties, days out, museums and art galleries, day festivals, fundraising events, circus shows and much more. We find all shows are complete with a freak show act on the bill and we have many highly skilled, fully insured performers on the books for you to hire.

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