Old Age Themed Event

Hey God Save the Queen! Lets party like an OAP, invite your Nan and Grandad, roll up your socks to your knees and rock out with a zimmer frame. This hilarious fun filled theme invites all the oldies, from immersive old age characters walkabout to fun Grandma dancers. We encourage guests to raid their elders wardrobes, wear those cardigans and embrace getting old. An Old Age themed event is the perfect something a little different idea for work parties, special occasions or your Grandads birthday.

The performers we represent can tailor bespoke shows to create entertainment that is unique to your event. Mixing talents such as burlesque dancers, circus performers, acrobats, aerial performers, drag artists, stilt walkers and fire performers to dancers, actors, comics and hosts. We work with your vision to cast and create bespoke experiences that are perfect for all types of occasions be it, New Years Eve parties, corporate events, charity fundraisers, black tie balls, festivals, themed private parties, weddings, birthdays and special occasions.