Snake Performers

Ever thought about having a Snake Charmer or Snake dancer at your event? We have many different Snake dancers and Snake entertainers. All of our snake charmers are highly trained snake handlers the Snake Dancers each have their own acts and performances with their very own snakes.

All the snakes are handled kindly and each are taken care of with the upmost care and of course insurance and health and safety. Snake charmers are some of the most interesting and unusual performers that we have at Gersch and Rox Presents and we highly recommend Snake performers for all different types of events.

Snake dancers can be styled to suit your event whether it is medieval, circus inspired or Viking feasts.

We can create Snake charming Dance displays at any event and at any venue and we will discuss your requirements with you to determine how you would like snake charmers to be integrated in your event.

We at Gersch and Rox presents represent the finest in Snake charmers and snake dancers for hire and have provided snake charmers for Film and TV, corporate events, birthday parties, days out, museums and art galleries, day festivals, fundraising events, circus shows and much more.

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