Sci-Fi Themed Event

Guests are explorers traveling through Gersch and Rox’s wormhole into an intergalactic space dimension of neon vibrancy. As guest arrive to this interstellar themed event through the beaming light tunnel, they are greeted by neon helmet astronauts welcoming them and warning them of the journey that awaits.

Space hopper space men are recruiting new rocket ship flyers bounce around giving their spare space hopper to a new recruit every so often. Colourful, space-tastic projection mapping are shone across spaces, rainbow prisms bounce off walls and acrobatic LED space girls balance on each other’s shoulders.

Space tourists dressed in LED costuming flit about pointing out spectacles that surprise them speaking in a new tangled language only they understand. Brightly coloured latex clad space people from far away galaxies parade as one entity, their heads entirely covered. This theme is decorated from top to bottom creating an odyssey adventure of exploration with large neon planets, stars, moons, suns, geometrical shapes. Projection mapping of galaxies, colourful intergalactic melting pots of sky and beyond.

The performers we represent can tailor bespoke shows to create entertainment that is unique to your event. Mixing talents such as burlesque dancers, circus performers, acrobats, aerial performers, drag artists, stilt walkers and fire performers to dancers, actors, comics and hosts. We work with your vision to cast and create bespoke experiences that are perfect for all types of occasions be it, New Years Eve parties, corporate events, charity fundraisers, black tie balls, festivals, themed private parties, weddings, birthdays and special occasions.

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