So its Valentines. And maybe you are considering an atypical ‘romantic’ event. Perhaps you’re thinking Paris in moonlight, perhaps candlelight. We’re talking reds and roses, smooth singers and crooning musicians, perhaps violinists, a harpist, a poet, a rat pack singer and screens playing black and white movies all encompassed with a divine Valentines menu to give couples the true feeling of special moments on Valentines day.

But what if you fancy something different? This is where Gersch and Rox Presents comes in.

Not only do we have a pretty fabulous repertoire of unique and original performers we also create events that blow others out of the water. Now if we are given Valentines as a brief what do we think? Of course we are entirely able to fulfil the Suite at Claridges brief as above and have a sensational line up of traditional singers and musicians, poets, speakers and chefs but we also have what you might not be expecting.

Our valentines’ events are covered with twists and turns and unexpected happenings with full live dating shows, individually designed couples retreats, small intimate dinners with performances and creativity to evenings and events designed and created in client’s homes. We do it all and we do it all with pizazz and expertise.

Loves A Drag Show

Internationally Renowned Drag Queens / Singers / Lip Sync Performers & DJs


Go-Go Dancing Cupid / Drag Queen Door Hosts Cupid Greeting Guests

GO-GO Dancers, Burlesque Beauties & Door Hosts

Award Winning Burlesque Performers / Little Gay Brother Dance Troupe
Couture Costumed Performers

Anti-Valentines Shows

High-End Burlesque Performers / Punk Rock Drag Queen Hosts

Outrageous Dating Shows

Full Production Stage Shows / Bespoke Dating Shows


Highly Skilled Acrobatic Couple / Aerial Performers

The Queen of Hearts

Alt Drag Elaborate Costuming Performer / Fire Breathing Queen of Hearts

Drag King and Queen Couple

Award Winning Comedy Drag King and Queen Singing Couple

To book your Valentines Event for your venue or loved one then make sure to give us a shout so we can get creative with you. We make sure that your wildest event dreams come true.

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