5 Hertford Street

Have You Been to 5 Hertford Street?

5 Hertford Street. You should go. Like really. No waiting around. Its is in my humble opinion the most fabulous private members club in London. Possibly the world. It was voted in the top ten worldwide members clubs in the whole WORLD. It its right here in London. Unless you are in New York in which case it is far afield but well worth the Charter of the Private Jet.

Robin Birley spent 30 Million creating the interior of 5 Hertford Street with designer Rifat Ozbek and even though his father Mark Birley spent 50 million updating Annabelle’s in Mayfair (named after Lady Annabelle wife and mother of the Birleys). Robin still wins on this occasion for 5Hertford Street.

Stepping into 5 Hertford Street is like walking into another world. Once you’ve found the entrance that is. It is fairly confusing as to where the door is. But that’s often what you get at Private Members clubs. Exclusivity can come with the inability to find the entrance.

Mr Grey is in Charge of Opening and Closing the Door

Beyond the reception desk at 5 Hertford Street which meets and greets the guests at this quite simply stunning venue and what reminds me of a cross between my grandfather’s home, a speakeasy and the finest of supper clubs. Is a man with grey hair.

He is old and diddery (and a I do hope he doesn’t read this) precisely what is required in a host. Without fail no matter who is passing he meets them with a little joke and a smile and subservient nod of his grey balding head.

It feels he has had the job at 5Hertford Street for fifty odd years. I imagine he has a nice wife and a great chair and enjoys a cup of tea on returning home at whatever time the Hertford street clientele decide to stop dancing on the light up glittery rainbow dance floor. Wait. Did I tell you about the dance floor? I shall make you wait to hear all about it.

Mr Grey (senior obviously) is in charge of opening and closing the door to the room that houses the patio courtyard. With its fountains, walled garden, iron chairs and roaring fires it feels like you have stepped in to Lucca, Italy. Of course the smell of smoke and liquor helps with that too.

As for London based venues we have many. But if you are holding a private function, a birthday, a celebration then booking somewhere that feels like a lavish home is perfect for many an occasion and this is what 5Hertford Street offers.

It has a certain comfort to it that feels homely. It’s big heavy curtains and upholstery, individual furniture, Persian rugs and warm lighting give you and guests the feeling you have just dressed in your upstairs dressing space and hopped down the stairs to greet your party. This is the feel of the club. It is both exclusive yet personal; a balance difficult to find.

The Perfect Environment to Throw A Cocktail Party

Behind the curtain is downstairs. Downstairs at 5Hertford street is fab. Down a windy staircase you come to the seat. I say THE seat as its possible the only one I have ever seen and will ever see. It is high backed and the reason so is the back of the chair is the trunk and head of a giraffe. A real actual Giraffe. 6 feet long the average giraffes neck and its pretty darn amazing. Albeit the Giraffe is dead and likely hunted for the very purpose of becoming a chair, however there really is something quite special about it. I do hope they do not make another replica anytime soon (I am a vegan after all) but its presence at the footwell of a Private Members Club in the heart of London really does make it quite spectacular.

Downstairs there are meandering walk ways, arches and glass cabinets housing fortnightly changeable art installations. I have heard there was once a ‘Chanel’ shoe collection there. My kind of art. Food is served and drinks are created and staff are the best of their kind. You must wear a dinner jacket unless you are female in which you can go without. Non-binary genders in this instance are not catered for though I expect a dress fashioned out of a dinner jacket would be pretty fabulous and more than acceptable if it called for it

As far as London venues go 5Hertford street has it. ‘It’ being everything. Downstairs is the perfect environment to throw a cocktail party or dinner party and in fact to bring in GR Presents (us if you’d missed it) to bring a selection of entertainment to the venue. We were lucky enough to be called in for a favourite private client of ours who fancied a selection of X Factor bands and Rat Pack singers to decorate the meal he had created for his wife.

Post show and event the dinner party retired to Nightclub Lulu’s. It has a glittery, rainbow dancefloor. That is all I need to tell you about Lulu’s nightclub. Just go. Oh and while you’re there please find Robin Birley, proprietor and now owner of Private members club and other fine Mayfair establishments, please do ask him if he likes pink hair, I could do with mutual ownership of a Giraffe chair.