Rake’s Cafe Bar

Andaz Hyatt Hotel

Have You Been To Rake’s Cafe Bar?

This little gem is a little city escape within the city. Freshly opened in May 2018 its a fantastic day to night destination at the art decor Andaz Hyatt Hotel in Liverpool Street.

Andaz itself is an exciting vibrant place that bends the rules in the usual Hyatt hotel decor you might find at other Hyatt residencies. Located in the heart of East London its drawn inspiration from its surroundings of the street art you can find in Shoreditch, it’s a colourful eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary. Originally opened as the Great Eastern Hotel in 1884 and one of London’s original railway hotels, the hotel is housed in a beautiful redbrick Victorian building designed by the architects of London’s famed Houses of Parliament.

But its Rake’s Cafe Bar located within the Andaz that really is the destination that you must check out. Whether it be for a fantastic coffee in the day or specially crafted cocktail at night, its the beautifully designed environment you’ll find yourself in that is the icing on the cake. We were luckily enough to be invited by its general manger Otto Steenbeek to provide a dash of colourful entertainment to roam around as walkabout performers at the launch event of Rake’s Cafe Bar, and boy what fun we all had.

The brief was vibrant luxury that represents East London’s culture and design that blends with the sites heritage from the late nineteenth century. Andaz wanted performers to entertain and create a party atmosphere event celebrating the launch to a packed room of guests, Hyatt hotel presidents from across the world.

Welcoming guests at the entrance was our luxury jewellery clad host serving champagne, further in guests were welcome to an oyster shucker and sushi, they really pulled out all the goods to create a majestic experience for those invited.

Inspired by the location we invited our tongue and cheek hotel bell-girls to run riot around Rakes interacting with guests with cheeky phrases like ‘ooo I left your package in room 69 sir’ travelling around on a hotel suitcase trolley they were both hilarious, welcoming and fun.

Now what made this event more than just your normal launch event, they wanted slices of eccentricity that really reflected East London’s craziness to match the colourful instalments they added surrounding the decor. So we looked no further than our colourful party starting Guru and what a fantastic addition to the evenings entertainment he was dancing with guests and radiating pure joy.

With all this fun we added one more subtle treat to the mix in the form of a French couture costume artist dressed in her incredibly designed colourful hair band dress made from 5000 individually sewn hair bands.The performer gave guests a little present to remember as at will she joyfully tied guests hair with her colourful bands. All together our selection of performers were bright, vibrant, colourful and created a fun playful atmosphere leaving guests enjoying the night and letting their hair down, or thanks to our couture costume artist up in some places.

And the fun doesn’t stop at Rake’s, because we are invited back on Wednesday 31st October for a special Mad House Halloween themed party which will be their first Halloween party to date. You can read what we have planned in our Halloween bog here… We Hit The Nail on The Coffin at Halloween

If you have an event space launch, restaurant opening or reason to celebrate get in touch with us today via email events@grpresents.co.uk to book luxury entertainment that knows how to get the party started.

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